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WINDSCAPE : (a Jenny and Pavel Adventure)

A proposed wind farm on a lonely Scottish island starts a series of events that leads 10 year-old Jenny MacLeod on a dangerous adventure with her friend Pavel. Can she save her father's farm and everything she holds dear, or will the scheming Wildings win the day?

"an exciting adventure for children that explores a tricky topic without coming down on either side of the fence." Ian Baillie, editor of 'Who Else Writes Like...?' and former librarian.




THE EGG THIEF : (a Jenny and Pavel Adventure)

Young Jenny MacLeod and her friend, Pavel, are caught up in an exciting adventure on the Western Isles of Scotland. While caretaking her uncle’s farm on the island of Barra, Jenny and Pavel are embroiled in a plot to steal some very precious sea eagle eggs from the cliffs of Mull. A mysterious stranger is set to pay a fortune to an egg thief and will stop at nothing. Jenny and Pavel try to do the right thing, but soon face a series of life-threatening events that will shake their very foundations.

ADVENTURE and LEARNING for children 7 - 14yrs

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